Personalised Christmas Photo Bauble

Personalised Christmas bauble. Upload you photo and create your own personalised Christmas Xmas bauble. A perfect way to personalised your Christmas tree.

Personalised Christmas Photo BaubleA perfect way to personalised your Christmas tree.Upload you photo and create your own personalised Christmas Xmas bauble.The bauble is printed on high quality metal with a glossy finish.Our christmas photo bauble  is personalised with your photo on both sides.

Your photograph is thermally embedded deep into the cover surface of our metal. The image is then a part of the metal and will not scratch, peel or fade away.Upload your photo into our on-line designer and scale it to fit the dimensions of the case, keeping important detail away from its edges.

Our designers will check your design and may make small adjustments to improve the overall quality of the case.

5,983 thoughts on “Personalised Christmas Photo Bauble

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    I feel energyless on my feet Rebecca, and im experiencing sores on my gums and on the vagina though im taking treatment (Atroiza) appropriately. Does this mean the viral load is still going high and cd4 going down? Is this treatment really working for me and will my situation improve as time goes ?

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    I’m HIV positive. My man is negative, he doesn’t like us to use condom and I’m taking treament to protect my baby. Can my baby be protected from HIV?

  15. 1k9s

    Hi I receive atroiza today nd my cd4 is 118, so I want to knw after how long my cd4 is gonna raise?

  16. 38gg

    Thank you Lindsay. I remember the night though it seems like along way off now. Wishing you and your Mum well.


    It sounds like both you and your girlfriend need to talk to the doctor at the testing centre. It is very difficult to try and find out when someone became positive, but this might involve you both having your tests confirmed. You can not infect someone if you are HIV negative. I think the term that may have been used is DISCORDANT couple. This is used when one person is positive and the other is negative. Lots of positive people have relationships with negative people and this can include having children. Treatment for your girlfriend can reduce the chance of the baby having HIV.


    I ended up using a 9×13 pan. A thin layer of batter, bake about 5 minutes until just set. I used a thicker caramel layer that I used for a previous recipe, layered according to your recipe. I spread the remaining batter with a small cookie scoop, dipped in ice water after every scoop, and carefully spread it over the caramel layer. I baked it about 20 minutes, checking with a toothpick after 15. It turned out really great, everybody loved it. I really like the idea of there brownies, I just had to get those right.

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    TribuSs has has made me to hav cramps on my both legs is there anything that can help me pls help me gud ppl

  21. 5h9r

    Hi, I started using Tribuss about 6 months ago, in May 2013, as my CD4 count was 250 and I developed Shingles. But I am losing weight and I saw a nutritionalist who advise me to eat healthy. I have a healthy appetite and eat three full meals a day plus snack on fruit inbetween but I have lost approximately 20 kg. I am concerned because I do not want to leave my ARV but I do not have a partner. I do not have pain anywhere in my body and I am very energetic. Please advise.

  22. 6hdk

    I am currently on Odimune, and eczema is slowly fading away, but for the past 3 days, my tummy’s running…

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  27. 244g

    Hi dr, please help as me and my fiance are planning to have a child but the problem my fiance is positive and I am negative. He is taking his ARVs and his CD4 count is increasing. He said he spoke to one of the nurses in clinic and he was told that he can do unprocteted sex as he is CD4 count is increasing. I am really scared. What if me and the child that we planning gets an infection. Pls help as we really desparate for a child.


    One more thing. Where are those people who rallied against SM when it planned to expand its mall in Baguio? I know one prominent lawyer who stand against this giant company a few years ago and led people to rally in front of the said mall. Nasan ka na? Apay gapo ta kail-yan wenno ka tribo tayo ni apo Congressman ket itatalna tayon? Nasan na ang tapang ng lawyer na ito?

  29. 6bz2

    My boyfreind is hiv postive and we have nine month now dating so im scared to go and test please help me.


    Hi Shannon! I really think that most people are very visual and that’s the draw. I would rather talk face to face on talk on the phone and not text.


    My girl friend had sex from her husband without condoms 9 months back now he using condoms …… If i have sex with her without condoms any chance to get hiv or any disease?


    I had a dream that I was walking into a room. As I walked into the room there stood a huge lion. Very scared I was getting ready to run but just as I wanted to the lion leaped and got hold of me by biting me on my chest. I got the feeling of being overwhelmed and powerless the lion was in total control. I tried to push him away but he was too powerful


    It sounds like your doctor is giving you good advice. As you take Atroiza at night, it is not a common side effect to be sick the following morning. Pregnancy on the other hand is associated with morning sickness, especially in the first few months.


    panawagan sa mga mamamayang pilipino na may ginituang puso. sana po ay dagdagan pa natin, sa abot ng ating makakaya, ang tulong na kinakailangan ng ating mga kababayan na nasalanta ni yolanda.

  35. 61jo

    Brad, after reading through the history on this I felt downright upset on your behalf, and I can only imagine how painful it must be for you personally. You say some unpopular things and that can make you an easy target, but I think it’s important that you keep saying them because sometimes you’re right. In a culture prone to sexual hysteria it’s I think you do a lot of good by voicing what you do. I’ve enjoyed your writing for a long time, and your words have inspired to me to spend more time on the mat than I otherwise might have. Keep it up, I for one appreciate it.

  36. 84wh

    Hi, I’ve been diagnosed with HIV, my CD4 was 91. They put me straight on Tribuss. They also gave me ilvitrim and norstan-isoniazid. That was a week ago. Now I am always tired and moody. Are these the side effects of all this? My stomach is burning,that feeling of a pregnant woman. Is there something wrong. Pls help.

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    Hi all of u guys i would like to say be patient about the drug as i posted dat i was vomiting every morning since i started the combination drug its almost 3weeks nw m feeling well its my third month taking it hop it will treat u well too as time goes on.


    Gov Jesse Ventura I live in Maywood,CA and “Union Member” WV and I was drugged by own peer while my celebrating and I wanted to file a police report And they refuse to investigate which makes me suspect they were all connected and were trying to conspire against because they don’t understand my understanding, But they broke the law and it’s a criminal act against Humanity and to destabilize undesirables, they wanted to keep my mind weak to imprison. Please try contacting there trying to keep me paranoid and plotting to imprison me,and theres a lot of youth here that are being destabilize just because we don’t accept there way. Please just give me advice and how to clear my name cause i’m not a bad person they just don’t understand they can’t do that and they broke the law, some people should go to jail. I did speak to the police but they seem scared of me talking about it. I beg you help me I’m only 20 years old I live Maywood,CA And do have evidence to prove myself! But I know you can make them understand me! They think i’m crazy cause I try following in your steps and doing the right thing. There Igorot fools that have to much power and something need to STOP this soon! PLEASE come to MAYWOOD,CA or LA! HELP ME!


    My girlfriend tested positive but I tested negative. Now she says I am also positive and I infected her even if it does not shows positive on me.

  42. ak59

    Transit TV generated very little revenue for Metro – maybe the cost of a bus a year. I would rather pay an extra five or ten cents per trip than listen to that annoyance. Good riddance, even if I did enter a contest occasionally.

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    Im 50, I found I had HIV , 3 years ago. I take my medication , exercise. Etc but my cd4 seems to have stuck at 144 , will the HIV become aids

  45. 5719

    Thank you Lindsay. I remember the night though it seems like along way off now. Wishing you and your Mum well.

  46. 107a

    before I was born, my name was chosen to be Waylon. during the delivery I’ve been told that I cried like a coyote, so they named me Waylon coyote, like a play on words. not only is it my spirit animal, its also my namesake.

  47. 3jv8

    For the love of god please leave them off. They are loud and annoying and make it hard to hear announcements and stop notifications. If you do turn them back on at least make them silent.

  48. 66qg

    last month i tested positive and my cd4 count is 391 and i have a 3yrs old child i was negative when i was pregnant so i am confussed about my cd4 count


    I ended up using a 9×13 pan. A thin layer of batter, bake about 5 minutes until just set. I used a thicker caramel layer that I used for a previous recipe, layered according to your recipe. I spread the remaining batter with a small cookie scoop, dipped in ice water after every scoop, and carefully spread it over the caramel layer. I baked it about 20 minutes, checking with a toothpick after 15. It turned out really great, everybody loved it. I really like the idea of there brownies, I just had to get those right.


    Hi Sindy. UK guidelines now say that it is okay to use efavirenz during pregnancy. The information that is given with the meds is out-of-date and should be revised. The safety data comes from a very large database where the drug has been safely used.

  51. a2lq

    How long it takes to get used to Odimune? I have been in Odimune for a year but still feel dizzy all the time and i am a shift worker. It worries me at times.


    I had a dream that I went into a room, looked at the back of my body in a mirror and saw that I had a black horse tail. It was long and pretty, but I wanted to cut it. As soon as I was about to leave the room, to grab some scissors, I looked up and saw that there was a strange man watching me from the vent and in my dream i became more concerned with sternly telling off the man who was watching me. I woke up feeling quite confused – thoughts?

  53. 2nnq

    I have noticed that I will not be able to have Tribuss for five days. Can I get this over-the-counter or should I call the medical aid for emergency script for the five days?


    Hi Minki, it sounds like you are doing lots of good things to look after your health. It is important to talk to your doctor about the weight loss though as this may be caused by something else. Without knowing your usually weight and height it is difficult to know how significant the change is. However, 20 kg sounds like a lot, especially as most people tend to put on a little weight during the first six months on treatment.

  55. 477f

    Enormously educational many thanks, I do believe your visitors will most likely want further blog posts similar to this maintain the excellent effort.

  56. 5a1o

    I am HIV positive and my partner is negative, i was tested +ve in 2011 and I’m on ARVs i still want to have a child i want to do it naturally ,is it safe to my partner and the baby ?

  57. bg59

    I feel energyless on my feet Rebecca, and im experiencing sores on my gums and on the vagina though im taking treatment (Atroiza) appropriately. Does this mean the viral load is still going high and cd4 going down? Is this treatment really working for me and will my situation improve as time goes ?


    No music should be playing on those screens. It should be transit related. Like they do on the CAT transit in Las Vegas. It shows a diagram with a all the stops thar are coming up displayed. It calls out points of interest. Everything related w the commuters route info.


    I have strted taking these pills together with pills nurse said it will prevent me from being affected with TB on the 29th July 2013. All I’m. Feeling is this ugly taste under my tongue I hate taking them. Everything in the morning everything is annoying me I have runny tummy, I get tired. Dear I hate them. Will these feelings ever go away.?

  60. 6zo6

    if we have must wi-fi ….? if not have wi-fi its not working plz reply me i m using samsung wave3 can i use this…?

  61. 2nxe

    I was diagnosed with HIV in 2007 and I’ve been living positively since then. I started taking tribuss last year August since my cd4 count had dropped to 250, I went for a re-test in November but the the test came back and my cd4 count was not increasing. ive never been on arv’s so im stressing now cause of this. my medical aid seems to think I havent been taking my medication nd im afraid they might cancel my treatment. what should I do plz advise

  62. 8qbp

    If u have already lost wait do u go back to o usually wait o u stay like that forever, and i’d like to know if u take atrizonia its a must to get sick to have headaches and rash

  63. hh3

    a buttefly flew into my house today and landed on my arm then slowly flew around me, despite the cold wet weather & i didnt think they survived this long it was beautiful in colour & seemed so calm, does this mean anything??


    I have been having really weird dreams they will start off of me in a field riding a horse then it will disappear and I will be looking at a boy I used to go to school with then he moved but I never really knew him but anyway we will be looking at each other for the longest time then he will turn in to a horse and leave then when I think about it I have had about 9 or more dreams with him in it


    “You guys aren?t technically here! Have you ever even grown plants, helped a humane society, or done anything else cool besides sit all fucking day? Probably rarely, because your breathing is so vacuous and lifeless you can?t think there is ?any other way? besides sitting on your ass all day in Zazen in ?proper posture?. It?s good for absolutely nothing. You know what? Fuck your sitting. It?s totally 100 percent worthless. You aren?t going to accomplish anything besides making more divisions, violence, and shit like that.”

  66. 2ugt

    Completely and absolutely ACCURATE for ME. Now I know why I have such a FASCINATION with butterflies.


    Good luck n high hopes that you have a safe n successful visit to the nest box. Can’t imagine the owls would be aggressive now. Maybe a fantastic sighting again!

  68. 8a4c

    These look heavenly! I absolutely love caramel. I’ll definitely try it out in the near future. ;;)

  69. 880617

    Keep up the good work guys, in keeping the art and the origins of animation alive! It’s important that we move with the times and appreciate how technology advances and enables evolution, but also we understand how we got there!

  70. 887251

    Hi, am on tribuss, my cd4 is 798 and my viral load is undetected, recently i went for a 6 day holiday and forgot to take my arvs,i started dem immediately i came back which is on the 7 th day but now every morning i have nausea,i feel like am pregnant but am not because i sterelized and having my periods,is it beacos i stopped for 6 days and will i go back to normal or do i need to change this drug, please help,am frustrated

  71. 48604

    I am hiv negative and my husband is hiv positive , and now I need a child , and my status I wanna keep it as negative ,what can I do? Sperm wash is its clean -hiv negative sperm? Tell me more .I really need a child , I ve got one whose hiv negative , I don’t want to adopt and please help

  72. 564678

    We will hopefully be up soon. We had a issue with a brand new camera so we are waiting for its replacement to arrive. We still have internal cams so we hope to have them streaming soon. We also had a squirrel try to take up residence, so we have some nest cleaning to do.

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    You got it right. Panay ang claim. Pero napaka sensitive naman pag may nasabi ang iba na medyo negative sa Pinoy maski joke lang or depiction sa movies. Angal agad-agad. Then nauuna naman sa pagalipusta sa kapwa pinoy.

  76. 962340

    Thanks for your email. These symptoms are not side effects normally associated with Odimune. It’s important that you discuss these with a doctor incase they are a sign of another infection or illness.

  77. 559297

    I am currently on Odimune, and eczema is slowly fading away, but for the past 3 days, my tummy’s running…

  78. 1128169

    Atroiza and Atripla both contain the same active drugs, just made by different manufacturers. You should not noticed any difference between them. Please note that we are not doctors.

  79. 671648

    if we have must wi-fi ….? if not have wi-fi its not working plz reply me i m using samsung wave3 can i use this…?

  80. 174960

    Hi im pregnant and i’ve found that im positive and i told my partner he went for test and he tested negative but we continue having sex without a condom and my CD4 count is high but im taking the AZT what will happen to our baby im worried.

  81. 185017

    I am 8 m?nths pregnant and i started to use this treatment when i was 6 months preg. What is the possibility that the child can be negative?

  82. 761223

    This is incredible as to how spot it is in my life right now. I have always been the swan on mountain lion….for a year or so I have felt I so drawn to the wolf. And I have been desperate for self time and wanting to be alone, I tell everyone I am a loner , i recently watched a documentary of wolves and I felt as though it’s my family. I must utilize my totem !

  83. 281751

    You got it right. Panay ang claim. Pero napaka sensitive naman pag may nasabi ang iba na medyo negative sa Pinoy maski joke lang or depiction sa movies. Angal agad-agad. Then nauuna naman sa pagalipusta sa kapwa pinoy.

  84. 653069

    I started taking odimune this year january when I found out that I’m pregnant,will I be on the medication for a lifetime

  85. 764271

    My question is how long can a person with HIV lives while taking the treatment ? And this change of medication why is it done, why can’t we take one for life time?

  86. 948167

    Best brownies I ever made. I was feared and revered the day I brought these in to the office. Not only is the caramel and peanut butter the best addition to a brownie you could ever imagine, but the brownie recipe all by itself is amazing!

  87. 168845

    Hi, i am currently taking Atripla since 2012 and they still make me sleep like a dead person and when i tell my doctor that this Atripla is too strong for me he doesnt want to bealive me as one day i did took my wife’s medication (Atroiza) and i was like a normal person. meaning i didnt sleep like a dead person during the night and even when i woke up i was not feeling tired but when i take my medicine (Atripla) each and everyday i woke up i feel tired. Please advise me as my doctor doesnt want to bealive me as even my wife was taking Atripla and she was experiencing the same problem i have until her doctor change her to Atroiza and now she feel good. Please advise me as i am confused now.

  88. 1162166

    I am positive but my partner is not,I am planning to have a baby but I am afraid to take ARVs for the rest of my life. My viral load is undetactable and CD4 count is 600. Does this mean I will take the ARVs for the rest of my life if I plan to have a baby?

  89. 853385

    “I” have practiced Soto Zen, Zazen, etc. for the past 2-3 years, and I have come to see that Buddhism is not tenable in American organizations. This is a “Dhamma ending age” and pratyekabuddhas tend to emerge in this period. Buddhism has been distilled into simple phrases such as “live in the moment” when it dealt with much more “painful” topics in the past. Zen also began with much promise but eventually became too laid back in its illogical riddles, fetish over non-dualistic “formless practices”, and etc.

  90. 979809

    Transit TV generated very little revenue for Metro ¨C maybe the cost of a bus a year. I would rather pay an extra five or ten cents per trip than listen to that annoyance. Good riddance, even if I did enter a contest occasionally.

  91. 721940

    The only thing that will keep you healthy and your HIV under control are HIV meds. If you are having trouble with Atroiza you can ask at your clinic or doctor if there are other meds available.

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