iPhone Wallet Case

Personalized Custom Photo iPhone Wallet Case

Personalized Custom Photo iPhone Wallet Case
Treat someone special or yourself to a personalised gift.

Relive your very best moments every time you pick up your Photo iPhone Wallet Case. Whether the gift is for you, a member of your family or a close friend, everyone will be delighted with their Photo iPhone Wallet Case.

Whatever the occasion, a birthday, an anniversary, Christmas, Valentines day, Mothers or Fathers Day, getting married, or simply a thank you gift to someone special like a teacher. The XXXX can be your unique gift for this specific occasion. 

Excellent design is the basis of our Photo iPhone Wallet Case.

Your photograph or design is embedded into the surface of the Photo IPHONE WALLET CASE. The image is then a part of the Photo iPhone Wallet Case itself.

Upload your photo and design your case. Our designers will check your design and adjust it to make sure it fits the dimensions of the case.

iPhone Wallet Case

Bullet Points
1. design your own gift
2. upload your photographs
3. add more photos to your layout
4. add a message
5. full-colour permanent print
6. dimensions 
7. printed on both sides,
8. your image is professionally cropped to fit the case

Be as colourful as possible.
Take a hint from the photo and make your iPhone wallet cases very colourful. You could make use of colours you know the other party would love and make it look very catchy. If the iPhone wallet case would be gifted to someone mature, you can use subtle colour combinations like white and black or blue and cream.

What do they like?
Before going on to customizing a iPhone wallet case, ensure you have an idea of what the other party would like. If he/she loves the sunset, you can customize the IPHONE WALLET CASE with a picture of the sunset. You can also use sunset colours to customize the casing. Before customizing, make sure you know all the little details you can include in the iPhone wallet case design which will make the other party always excited to carry the IPHONE WALLET CASE around.

Make use of images
As stated earlier, adding images on the IPHONE WALLET CASE will make your loved ones appreciate it even more. It could be a picture of you two together; it could be a picture of a fun place you went to or a nice picture of them. You can even make a combination of a ton of pictures to be printed on the iPhone wallet case. Either way, customized iPhone wallet cases with images will definitely make your loved ones smile.

Why not make them remember?
When personalizing an IPHONE WALLET CASE, it is important you leave an imprint always to remind your loved ones that you made the gift. It could be a signature by the corner of the case or your name. This way even if the IPHONE WALLET CASE is a picture of the person you will be presenting the gift to, there would still be a trace of you on it.

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